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Brand: Newfren Model: CLBPNFFD
He who brakes, wins! And it isn't only those that do a lot of riding who do a lot of braking! Less frequent riders also have to make sure they have a good set of brakes. Waxy or oily pads represent an extremely high safety risk. If your brakes are ineffective, the brake shoes are usually the reason...
Ex Tax:£14.13
Brand: Newfren Model: CVFRBSAPX
front & rear, "AntiAQUA" for Vespa PK50/S/XL/2 (D)/PK50 XL FL/HP /N/Rush/PK80-125/S/XL/XL2/PX /T5 rear for Vespa 125 GT-TS/150 GS VS5T-Sprint V/160 GS/180 SS/Rally w 24 mm, 2 seatings, for brake drum ? interior 150mm..
Ex Tax:£11.63
Brand: Newfren Model: CVFRBS01
Updated with Race Compound - See fits list above for applicable scooter models....
Ex Tax:£11.63
Brand: Newfren Model: CVFRBSAA
Brake Shoes NEWFREN 8"/9"/10", front, "AntiAQUA" for 50 Special V5B1-4T/SR/SS/90 R /SS/100 2?/125/PV/ET3/P80/E w 18 mm, 1 seating, for brake drum ? interior 125mm..
Ex Tax:£8.29
Brand: Newfren Model: CVFRBSPRO
New Fren Pro Race Brake shoes - 150mm Diameter drum and 24mm wide for a 2 pin mounting, fits Rear on Most 60's and 70's Large frame Vespa's with 10 inch wheels, also fits both front and rear on Vespa PX & T5. Italian brand New Fren's Pro Race brake shoes line has been designed to add performance..
Ex Tax:£15.79
Brand: Newfren Model: CVCK3PNF
Newfren clutch plate sets are made with latest generation materials. This is a product with high technological content, which is also extremely reliable. Our clutches have extraordinary characteristics, providing a high co-efficient of friction, exceptional durability, and maximum tolerance of abuse..
Ex Tax:£16.63
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